Sunday, April 17, 2016


Humility is a great attribute to have. It is an attribute that Christ himself exemplified. Humility although many times seen in this society that praises bravado and strength over anything, as weakness - is actually quite the opposite.

Humility takes inner fortitude and not giving into impulses. Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino said Humility is the true key to success. Successful people lose their way at times. They often embrace and overindulge from the fruits of success. Humility halts this arrogance and self-indulging trap. Humble people share the credit and wealth, remaining focused and hungry to continue the journey of success.

There is an experience that I had in high school that reminds me of this Christlike attribute. Back in the football season of my senior year, I was having a great time. Our team was great and we were very close with one another!! One particular game against Hilton Head our team did great and I personally had the best game of my career. I had 17 tackles and on a key 4th and 1 I sacked the quarterback behind the line of scrimmage to put them away. The week following the Hilton Head game the Island Packet published a little story about our season and I was the one who was interviewed. I thought I was just the coolest kid. That Friday before our game I pulled up to the local circle K to get a quick drink. I brought my Gatorade to the front and swiped my card. The cashier looked a little familiar, I thought he may have graduated the year before I did...Right then he looked at me with a smile and said "Can I get your autograph big man?". Wow. I was stunned. I knew I had a good season but I had never had anyone ask for my autograph before!!  I said sure of course! And I looked around for a pen or paper to sign this hometown fan an autograph.. I asked him if he had anything in particular he wanted me to sign..(At this point I wasn't sure if there was any Clancy merchandise out on the market yet but hey who knows)...

He looked at me with a confused gaze and pointed down at the card reader where I had just swiped my debit card....he wanted my signature on the card reader.

Looking back I laugh thinking about my foolish and pretentious error but truly I walked away from that gas station, my head a few sizes smaller. Humility allows us to progress in life. If we walked around thinking we were good enough players to sign autogrpahs at circle K, what would be my response when a coach tried to correct me or fix a kink in my play? Humility is almost always equated with the #1 intangible attribute coaches look at - teachable. I always use sports as an example because I love them so much but in our spiritual lives we need to be humble as well. 

Sometimes we get so caught up in ourselves and how great we are, we lose sight of the progress we can make. One way to always keep yourself humble is to do service for others. It is hard for you to be prideful when you are kneeling in the dirt pulling out weeds or when you look into the eyes of a man who is desperate need of food. On our mission we use a website called to find the majority of our service projects. and it is great. We volunteer at local food banks, the zoo, and many other community venues. is a great resource not just for missionaries but for students who need community service hours or a passionate person who wants to make a difference in their community. changes desire into action. 

I once heard that "humility isn't thinking less OF yourself, it is thinking less ABOUT yourself". Turning outward is the best way for us to change lives, many times those will be our own. I definitely testify that when we follow Christ's example of serving others that our eyes will be opened. There are kids here in Pueblo, CO that wake up and can see their breath. Until that changes here in Pueblo and all across the world there will always always be work to do. You don't have to look halfway around the world for someone in need, you can look halfway down the block.

 You know they say the Lord helps those who help themselves and I think that is true to some extent, but when it comes down to it - I truly believe the Lord helps those who help others. I believe it because I am living proof of it. I promise the same to you.
Elder Clancy

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  1. Tyler, you were am amazing young man as a student, and you keep getting better! I enjoy reading your blog. Weezy Devlin