Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Darkest Skies = Brightest Stars

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People say, "The Lord helps those who help themselves" & I think that is true to some extent but what I believe to be more true is "The Lord helps those who help others". Service is one of those unique things in life that defies all of the common perceptions of man. Most people would say to find the most fulfillment one would need to turn inward and take care of your own needs. However I beg to differ.

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I can honestly say that on my mission I have experienced both the pinnacles & nadirs of my time on earth. I have struggled quite a bit on my mission for one reason or another. Whether it is stagnant endless days that seem to go on and on, or worrying about things back home- there are days that try your will to keep going. 

Living with a guy 24/7 is extremely excruciating sometimes, especially for a guy like me who is fiercely independent! Some people are so downright belligerent to us it makes me turn around to see if Osama Bin Laden is behind me and their yelling isn't directed toward us! This is a crazy world and contrary to what some may think, this mission throws us from high school to the thick of life within a few months. But as everyone knows, the darkest nights produce the brightest stars and that has served to be just as true. 

When I was at my low point and ready to turn around, pack up, and go home the other week - I found myself in the living room of someone who needed me. This young lady only a few years older than me, a mother of 3 was battered. Physically she had just been assaulted by 4 people outside of a bar, but spiritually she was just as beat up. I had trouble looking into her dark eyes not just because of the apparent black eyes she had but inside of those eyes was a cry for help. When someone asks you their opinion whether they should pay for the medical bills to repair their bleeding face or buy food for her kids for the week, it makes you realize you're not the only one who needs help. Normally I am a verbose and quick thinking man but for those few minutes I was at a complete and utter loss for words. As we sat and cried for a moment or two I realized that she needed to know something. Full of anger and with a sore heart I wanted to tell her that I would go find these folks and give them something right back..But the spirit came into the room and comforted all who were within. I told her that no matter what she thinks or what the world might tell her, she is not lost, she isn't beyond repair. Someone hasn't given up on her, not even the slightest bit. Jesus Christ knows exactly what she went through and he will be there every step of the way. 

As we wiped the tears away and said goodnight, a cool breeze blew in as we walked down the porch steps. My struggles and sorrows didn't necessarily up and leave, but I felt at that moment that I maybe needed to listen to my own words. I felt that because I stopped worrying about myself and opened my eyes to others who needed a hand. Our Heavenly Father wants the best for us and wants us to succeed. His son Jesus Christ trail blazed the path that we all need to follow. I wonder if we all took a minute to asses the needs of others how our own problems and sorrows would heal. I can say with a surety of heart that - The Lord might calm the storm around his child, but more often then not he will let the storm rage and calm his child within. Through our perseverance and faith we will all make it through this wild storm that we call life.


Love to all - Elder Clancy

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  1. Beautiful! Thank you, Elder Clancy. -Wally Goddard