Monday, September 21, 2015

FALL is in the air in Falcon, CO

¡ Hola amigos! Espero que todo el mundo está teniendo una temporada de fútbol americano maravilloso! 

It is starting to get cold up here in Colorado!! It is nice right when we lay down to sleep, but it gets bitterly cold in the mornings!! I currently have 6 blankets and a sheet on my bed... Desperate times call for desperate measures.

We have done a lot of odd jobs this week. We finished building a shed and also did some "zeroscaping" where you landscape with rocks! That was pretty cool. Earlier this week we met a couple named Joe and Pat Jenkins. They are an older couple but Joe (77) still ropes cattle. He owns 2,000 heads of cattle. Recently he fell off of his barn and was badly injured. His Daughter is a member of the church and lives in Arizona but gave us a call to go over and give him a blessing. We did and he really enjoyed it. He is a big, quiet God-fearing man who tells us he has never told a lie. A great man indeed. He needs some help around the ranch so we will be going back there soon. 

We also had our movie night this week! A member in our ward does audio/ visual for a career so he was able to hook us up. We watched "Meet the Mormons" and it was really great. We had popcorn and drinks to go along with our outdoor theater. The night was chilly but everyone walked away with a warm heart.  

(IF ANYONE WANTS TO SEE THIS MOVIE - WE HAVE IT ON DVD - It's one of my all time fav movies. IT'S ALSO ON NETFLIX --Lisa)

Preparing for movie night

Transfers were this week and no one in our entire zone except for one person got transferred. 23 new missionaries come in tomorrow so I won't be the newest one. (hooray). 

Not a lot really happened this week but we are going on a hike today into the Red Rock open space. It should be fun. We also play a lot of Monopoly on P-days. Earlier this week we stumbled upon the Colorado Chairman of the John Birch Society. I have heard a lot of crazy stuff about the JBS but I honestly don't know too much about it. The man definitely had some opinions about him but he truly believes in what he says. I respect that. I am pretty far off of Bernie Sanders, but I do respect him because he is a genuine guy and believes what he preaches. 

"Every man's island,
Jean Louise,
Every man's watchman,
is his conscience." 
Love to all
Elder Clancy always photogenic 
A perfect shot of my messed up eyebrow 👍
After our district paint war
Elder Clancy

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