Thursday, August 6, 2015

Elder Clancy's FIRST LETTER home!

Hi All,

If you haven't realized by now, our P-day is Thursday. It is much needed. The MTC is tough work but it is also a lot of fun! We have an hour to email so Ill try to break it down as much (girl version) as I possibly can. I can't write enough letters to everyone in this amount of time.

The MTC is a wild experience. I sometimes liken it to trying to drink out of a fire hose. There is so much learning and fun here it is crazy to say the least haha. The teachers are wonderful here and its no surprise that they have to go through a rigorous selection process. Our teacher's name is Brother Mills and he served his mission a few years ago in Slovenia. He is hilarious and an excellent teacher. He always shares interesting (insane) stories about Slovenia. 

EVERYONE thinks my "southern accent" is awesome.... I never even thought I had one in the first place!! Whenever we teach investigators they always ask where I'm from. 

So they have a lot of weird food in Utah everyone knows that...But this one thing definitely topped pineapple on pizza when talking about level of weirdness... For breakfast they had a sausage wrapped in a pancake on a stick like a corn dog.....OK it was actually good but still it was kind of weird. Brother Justice is super awesome to all of our district and gives us special request items like a lemon every now and then. Haha it's good to have someone looking out for you! 

On the 2nd day I was made district leader. (for those of you who aren't familiar with missionary slang- a district is made up of about 11-12 missionaries and I'm kind of like the mayor of our little town). We all get along great and none of us are from Utah which we all think is funny haha. Every day we color coordinate our ties and it's kind of caught on in the MTC. Another thing that caught on is some southern hospitality. I was standing in line to put away my food when I saw a small sister missionary struggling with her tray so I told her (naturally) that I'd take it for her! She really appreciated it and all of the guys in my district thought it was nice so we all started doing it everyday! Now it's become like a MTC wide thing.. haha. The really amazing thing about the MTC is the fact that our church is a WORLDWIDE church... Contrary to popular belief it is not based in Utah. I have met SO many missionaries from SO many different countries and provinces. To name a few - Germany, Slovenia, Spain, Trinidad, The Philippines and my favorite accent - New Zealand. I am learning a lot of sign language and My small Spanish vocabulary grows every night as I talk to these missionaries on my floor who are from Guatemala. One day I had the idea from a scripture I was reading to do a lesson called "lovest thou these things more than me?" It is based off of John 21. I wrote on the board the phrase he said to Simon Peter and we FILLED the board with the things we all left behind to come on a mission. It was pretty cool to see all of the dedication that involves this journey. 

I have seen a lot of people I know here - Elder Barnes from Chapin High (SC)
Elder Barnes and Elder Clancy
 Elder Lamb (Coach Jason Lamb's son) Elder Wadsworth (My Friend from utah)
Elder Clancy and Elder James Wadsworth
and Elder Wood from Nevada (I met him last summer at the NRA YES he is going to Kobe Japan). Sometimes it is hard to sit through the long days here but mail time always makes it better!! gym time doesn't hurt either... We stay together as a district during our gym time and play a lot of four square....we are kind of becoming notorious in the MTC as the district who owns 4 square. 

The other day I got an awesome note from a guy named Ammon Tuilamongua. He is in a band called Beyond 5 and turns out his father baptized my father! It was pretty cool. He has his mission call and he sent me a dozen donuts. The next day I got a letter from his father! It was very humbling to me because the gospel of Jesus Christ has blessed my life so much and in so many ways. It really gave me perspective on why I am here as a missionary. Bringing others unto Christ truly does change lives. I myself am a testimony to that!!!
Doughnuts from Ammon

OK so even though we are on a mission we can still have fun. Every Wednesday new missionaries can tell they are new missionaries because on their name tag they have a red dot. So there is this big guy in the other district in our zone (his name is Elder Coburn and he is from Idaho) We told all of the new Elders that there is a guy who roams around the MTC named "Richard" we told them that he will ask for your name tag and try to make a conversation with you. We emphasized the importance NOT to talk to him because it is a test. So at night we got Elder Coburn all dressed up in a raggedy robe and gave him a bunch of tootsie pops and one sock on his feet. He went around the halls mumbling crazily about how he wanted to speak with them..... They were SO scared hahaha we died laughing seeing the look on all of the other elder's faces. We also acted like we were the leaders of the English Speaking missionaries and gave them dumb rules to follow like "make sure to fold your towel in triangles" and stuff like that.  

Elder Dwyer and Elder Clancy

Elder Clancy and Elder Browning

Yellow Ties Unite!

Elder Dwyer goofing off

At the Provo Temple


Elder Schlitters and Elder Clancy on PDay which stands for PREPARATION DAY!

To finish up I want to tell all of you that I am loving life.  I have heard from David A Bednar,  Russell M Nelson AND Sheri Dew all in one week. Also, on a spiritual note, I am doing very well. I am confident at teaching because I can speak well, but I also know the scriptures a lot better than I thought I did. Although at some points it is very hard I know I am doing the Lord's work! 

I leave for Colorado on Monday., I don't know if I'll be able to email this Monday because Ill be traveling but I will be sure to all of the other Mondays! 

Although I personally have no relation to the pioneers of of church history - I myself am a pioneer in a lot of ways. But just like the pioneers- I too need faith in every footstep!!!

See ya in a little while,
Elder Clancy

Lisa's commentary:
1.)  I am sure most of you don't know of the group BEYOND 5 but I DO!! They are wonderful!! They are an amazing boy band from the West Coast - such incredible vocals. A bunch (or all) of the young men in the group are Latter-Day Saints and most of them are on a mission now or going on one soon (depends on their ages).  They are AMAZING!!! Here are two links to some of my fav videos of them! ENJOY!!: and

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